Define, find and onboard dream clients for your agency

In The Flow builds growth infrastructures for digital agencies who want to attract and convert high-paying, dream clients.

Who is this for?

Are you..

Making less profit the more clients you onboard?

Has it..

Become harder to work with ideal clients as you've grown?

Do you..

Have no idea who your ideal client is, forcing you to work with anyone and everyone?

If any of the above resonates, you've landed in the right place.

Before working with In The Flow I was trading time for money and hit an income ceiling I couldn't scale past. After 90 days working with ITF, I created a niche and had a codified strategy offer that I was selling in market. Now I work with my dream clients and get paid for the outcomes I generate for them, without having to take on clients I don't want to work with.
James Forsyth
eCommerce agency, Founder

Every agency wants to work with dream clients.

The clients that get life-changing results from working with them.

It’s the thought of the amazing results that excite agency founders and their team. Brag-worthy work that proves to the world how good they truely are.

Dream clients allow the agency to do their thing! They get out of the way and hand over complete trust and control of the process.

These clients understand they have a problem. Believing wholeheartedly the agency can solve it for them.

The work is fulfilling and profitable for the agency, and transformational for the client.

Dream clients truely value the work their agency does.

Unfortunately, agencies only ever have a handful of them at any one time.

The rest of their clients are Slot Fillers.

Clients that are onboarded just to keep the lights on.

Some of them see an agency as a dustbin - the place where the sh*t jobs are swept into.

Others see the agency as vehicle to demand cheap work based on outputs and tasks.

Slot Fillers distract the agency from growing their ideal client base.

Creating a cycle that is hard to get out of.

They’re forever stuck attracting and onboarding clients that don’t generate the satisfaction and profit they need to survive.

We help agencies get out of that cycle.

Together we build a growth infrastructure that combines market positioning, offer creation and a sales process that consistently attracts and converts high-value, dream clients.

Never work with bad clients again

There are 3 main reasons why agencies have a portfolio of clients that generate them less profit and don't value their work.

No way to stand out in a saturated market.No way to stand out illustration

No way to stand out in a saturated market

Positioning your agency to be attractive to as many people as possible does more harm than good.

A generic position will force them to work with a competitor, who demonstrates they understand their problem better.

The key to attracting and converting dream clients is to position your offer around a painful problem they have.

No systemised delivery.No systemised delivery illustration

No scalable offer

Agencies fall prey to custom solutions and scope creep all the time.

Different solutions require different expertise, you end up playing a game of “hire more people to deliver the work” just to keep up.

By defining and codifying your agency's offer, you can optimise delivery and resources around your most profitable work.

No consistent message imageNo consistent message illustration

No consistent message

Messaging debt builds up over time, creating a watered-down tone of voice that confuses ideal clients.

When they land on your website or read your LinkedIn, they’re confused about what you do and how you can help them.

Creating a consistent sales and marketing narrative allows them to easily see what problem you solve for them.

Work with dream clients who pay well and value your work

Increase your bottom line

It’s easy to sell something when your unique value proposition is that you’re “affordable”.

This road leads to lower profits and clients only see you as cheap, not valuable.

When you have a tangible offer anchored around a valuable outcome, you can steer the conversation away from “being cheap” and into “being valuable” and charge accordingly.

Pull dream clients closer

Spray and praying marketing attracts a whole range of leads.

Without understanding who you want to work with and coming up with a plan to reach them, you’ll never be able to get in front of them consistently - you’ll just get lucky sometimes.

Once you define an ideal customer and understand their painful problem, you draw them in by deploying a sales and marketing strategy that brings them closer to you.

Drive a wedge between you and your competitors

Having the same offer and language as your competitors confuses buyers.

When a customer can’t decipher who’s who, they pick the cheapest option or an agency that understands their problem in a way no one else does (something you can't do if you’re the same as competitors).

When you develop a unique position in a buyer's mind around how you will solve their problem, it's not a question of if they will work with you, it becomes a matter of when.

How it's done

Phase 1
Craft and synchronise

In Phase 1, we refine your strategy by aligning your niche, delivery method, and messaging.

We'll clarify your unique problem and solution, target audience, develop a scalable service solution, and ensure consistent messaging across all platforms, establishing a cohesive point of view narrative.

Phase 2
Attract and onboard

After crafting Phase 1, we'll collaborate to kick off all marketing, business development, and sales efforts.

This stage aims to steadily draw in and secure a stream of ideal clients, filling your capacity with high-value engagements.

Phase 3
Optimise and maximise

This stage focuses on optimising your solution to maximise the outcomes you produce for your clients

Your shared goals and incentives means when they win, you win too.

Phase 4
Maintain and amplify

After meeting our initial goals, we'll craft a strategy to protect and grow your earnings, moving beyond just client-based services.

By developing new products and mixed services for passive income, you reduce the reliance on individual clients and enhance financial stability.

Everything that is included

Create a marketing strategy

We have a decade of experience in agency marketing and will create a marketing strategy that focuses on all phases of your buyer's journey and work together to deploy it.

Fine-tune your sales process

It's 2024, ditch the lengthy deck! There’s a new way to sell that is highly effective and doesn't involve slamming prospects with slides. We install this sales process in your agency and teach your team how to use it.

Have a sounding board

Running an agency can be overwhelming, there are always heaps of things to focus on. During our weekly 1:1 calls, we provide insight and clarity on direction and key decisions that need to be made.

Guided training and implementation calls illustration
Slack communication in real-time illustration

Real-time slack communication

In between our weekly calls, we use a shared Slack channel that allows us to quickly work together to craft, deploy and fine-tune the strategy we create.

What other people think about us

Before working with Ryan, I didn’t know how to move away from smaller monthly retainers and towards obtaining high-ticket clients for my agency. Now, we've developed full-scale offer and solution designed to appeal to the type of clients I want to work with.
Karan Mahindru
Founder, Limitless Agency
Ryan has a huge amount of knowledge across all aspects of marketing. He's constantly executing on the new ideas he beings to the table

Scott Mitchell
CEO, Brand Developers
Ryan is great. He helped us out a lot. Very proficient in B2B marketing and strategy.

Brian Gallagher
CEO, Good And True Media

Take a look a closer look at some of the frameworks we teach

3 Mistakes Agencies Make

This free blueprint has the 3 common mistakes agencies make when trying
to land their dream clients.

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A portrait photo of Ryan

Meet your co-pilot

Hey, I'm Ryan,

I've worked with my fair share of good (and bad) clients.

There were times I felt forced to take on bad-fit clients because money was tight. Eventually, I realised  these clients were doing more harm than good by taking up headspace. They were a distraction.

The work wasn’t inspiring and after I added up how many hours I spent servicing them, I made peanuts at the end.

It was a trap.

At one point my days were filled with low-brow, patch-up jobs - with no end in sight. So I made a bold move, implementing a strict “dream clients” only policy.

At first, revenue took a hit. Things went quiet as I started turning clients away. But after a few months of hard work, the future looked bright. I was working with ideal clients, on things I loved and revenue doubled and my profit margin increased by 35%.

I've bundled everything I learned during the journey and compiled it into an actionable growth infrastructure so other agencies can work with clients who value their service.

Frequently asked questions

What is the price?

To ensure fair access to our programs and align our objectives closely with our clients', we adopt an outcome-based pricing structure.

This approach includes a base fee for each engagement, ranging from $1,500 to $5,000 per month.

How much time will I need to commit to this?

Each week includes one guide strategy call lasting an hour, followed by 2-3 pieces of supplementary knowledge link exercises.

On average, people allocate 2-3 hours weekly to this process.

How long until I see results?

Typically, our clients begin to see an increase in their income from ideal clients within the first 90 days of starting with us.

I'm not an Agency, can I still apply?

Yes you can, if you're a professional services business with what you've read strikes a chord, book a call!